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24 March 2012 @ 02:36 am
Oh I wish I was a Horcrux, with flowers in my hair  
01. Name: [Nanna]
02. How did you find out about Hogwarts Elite? [I read somewhere that these Harry Potter sorting communities existed, and then I realized that I should have joined one years ago]


03. What do you wish to accomplish in life?
[Happiness. This does not mean that I am not happy right now, because you can always find happiness when you look at the details of life, such as having amazing friends or a really good day. But life is going to change, and it is going to throw challenges at you. So I would like to accomplish a life where even when there was cloudy days with rain, the sun always shinned through at the end. I would also like to accomplish not sounding so cliche when writing about my future.]

04. Describe exactly what you would see in the Mirror of Erised. (This is not the same question as #03.)
[My sister being alive again. I could think of different things I think I would want, such as being skinnier, prettier and more perfect. But my heart's desire would be for my sister to be alive. Also if I can look into the Mirror of Erised, does this mean that I am at Hogwarts?]

05. What makes a person deserving of your respect?
[Sacrifice, whether it is to dedicate your entire life to a person or a cause. Also people who stands up for the things they believe in, and speak even though what they might say might will get at bad reaction. People who have lived a hard life without becoming cynical and bitter]

06. What is your biggest pet peeve?
[When people are nice, not because they want to be nice but because they are sucking up to you. I rather want people who do not smile at me, than people who send me fake gestures and smiles. Also people who let fear control their life, yes life is scary as shit but don't let fear hinder you in living it.]

07. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
[I would like not to be as lazy as I am. I always wonder how much I could accomplish I was not lazy and such a procrastinator. I would like to be less guarded and more willing to let my self go and not try to control every outcome]

08. If you could do any one thing and suffer no consequences, what would it be?
[Rob a bank, so my friends and I could go on adventures and not be poor students. Just saying what I really wanted to say without people taking offence, do what ever I wanted even if that meant kissing random attractive guys on the street. Also slapping every sexist, chauvinist, racist that I could, all close-minded people could get a slap too. No violence is never the answer, they just pisses me off. I am not talking about a hard slap, just enough to give them more common sense and less hate]

09. What do you think are your top five positive characteristics?
01. [Honest, I can not lie. I will always tell the truth, even though it might not be what people want to hear, it might be what they need to hear]

02. [Confident, I believe in myself. I have always known who I am. Never not felt comfortable in my own skin. Sure, I have sometimes wished to be smarter or skinnier, but those wishes have never overshadowed my love for who I am. Even when I sounds as pretentious as I do now.]

03. [Loyal, for the people I love, I will stick by them as longs as they want me, and even longer than that]

04. [Stubborn, even though it can also be seen as a negative trait. But my stubbornness is what have gotten me through life so far]

05. [Curious, I want to know about everything, and go on as many adventures as possible. Since I am also daring, my curiosity have gotten me in trouble quiet some times.]

10. What do you think are your top five negative characteristics?
01. [Arrogant, I sometimes do feel like I am better than some people. I know I am not, but my mind still tells me so. ]

02. [Stubborn, I know I am right, even if I am not, I know that I am right. I am right btw!]

03. [Conflict shy, this does not mean that if the situation demands it that I won't stand up for my self. I just do not like conflict]

04. [Pride, just as I am arrogant, I am just as prideful. I rarely admit when I have done something wrong. Once when I was a kid, I fell on my bicycle, I then got so mad at it that I stole one of it's part and ran away from home. I think it learned it's lesson about making me fall after that, since I can now bike without falling]

05. [Lazy, I love to sleep to much. I wish I had the drive to get things done, but most of the times sleep just seems more fun. Even though, I am lazy if the choice became doing what was right and what was easy. I would choose to do what was right, since I have too much pride to ever take the easy way. Trust me having pride and being lazy is really annoying.]


11. Who is your favorite character in the Harry Potter series?
[This might be a harder question for me to answer, than my current essay question. I rarely have a favorite character, since it seems so definite. I always wanted to give Harry a hug, because that boy have been through a lot. Still, I do not think he is my favorite. When I was younger it would have been Hermione since let's be real, Harry would never have gotten so far without her. But based on my fanfiction preference, I would have to say Lily Evans, since she fascinates me the most. All of the Maraunders does, actually the entire time period. I can not really come with a good reason, other than the Maraunders seems like a fun group to hang out with and Lily Evans (what I know about her) seems like a person who fits under the people who I respect.]

12. Who is your least favorite character in the Harry Potter series?
[Voldemort seems like the most obvious answer here. But I do have to give it to him, for being evil through and through. Never really was that fond of Snape, but he is stil fascinating in some ways.]

13. What was your favorite plot or character revelation in the Harry Potter series?
[Neville's journey from being insecure to becoming such a badass. I like his entire development. Also any tiny mention of Harry's parents and the Maraunders. I also like how the Malfoys changed sides at the end, even though they loved power, they loved their family more.]

14. Describe the canon qualities for each house that accurately reflect you.
• Gryffindor: [Well, my name means daring and brave in old norse. I can be both daring and brave, not all the time. But it do happen. I won't let fear stand in the way of the things I want. And let us be real, it is always more satisfying accomplishing something that was a bit scary]

• Slytherin: [I am ambitious, I want it all. And I want people to envy me and want to get the most out of life]

• Ravenclaw: [Even though it sound mighty pretentious to write it, I would say that I am witty. Sometimes I might be a bit too weird or sarcastic, but being witty and funny is my go to social conversation skill. It is also my defense mechanism, there is nothing like a sarcastic remark to throw people off]

• Hufflepuff: [Loyal, If you have my love, I will stay with you until the very end]

15. Describe the canon qualities for each house that do not accurately reflect you.
• Gryffindor: [I am not particularly chivalrous, nor do I enjoy being a leader. I sometimes ends up as one, but I like to be responsible for only myself]

• Slytherin: [Even though I want it all, I am not very cunning or deceitful. I am too honest to lie and I do not like to hurt people. I wish I could be more cunning, but my verbal diarrhea pretty much kills every chance of it. ]

• Ravenclaw: [I love to learn, but I do not have the drive to be the best of the best. I have no need to show off my knowledge, and I do not like learning for the sake of learning. I like to learn about the things that interest me, but the rest I could care less about]

• Hufflepuff: [I am not hard-working at all. If I can get away with doing nothing, I most likely will. Depends on my pride and the subject matter]


16. Age: [22]
17. Optional: Link us to where you have promoted this community in your personal journal to earn your future house five points. [Did you guys not get that I am really lazy? Sorry future house, but let us be real, nobody reads my journal not even my cat. But I could mention you on Tumblr?]
Jennimariye on April 2nd, 2012 08:15 pm (UTC)
Your House: Ravenclaw