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Sorting Elite

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Anybody , Moderated

Proper Sorting Procedure:
01. Copy the sorting application located below.

02. Respond to each and every question THOROUGHLY. One sentence does not equal thorough. We expect each question to have at least a short paragraph answer. If you write one or two sentence answers, we shall dub you a Squib and you may not receive no chance to redeem yourself. Please, take care and really think about your responses.

03. Join the sorting_elite community before you submit your application. However, if you are sorted as a Squib by the Headmaster, you may not have the chance to reapply. Your journal must be at least ONE MONTH old when you post your application. If it is newer than one month, we might suspect a Squib trying to reapply, and therefore your sorting will be stopped by the Sorting Caretaker.

04. Be sure to include the word HORCRUX somewhere in the title of your application, so we are certain you’ve read the rules.

05. The application is formatted for you. Replace the sections that say [PLACE ANSWER HERE] with your answer. If there are any formatting errors in your application, it will be rejected from the queue and you will have to get back in line.

06. Every question is bolded and the LJ-Cut is after the third question. Please leave it that way, as it makes it easier to read!

07. Students are allowed to place one vote on each application. The Headmaster will officially sort every two weeks on a Sunday or Monday night. He will ultimately have the final say and may veto any decision that is deemed inaccurate.

08. Applicants are allowed to comment on their application but are cautioned to keep it civil. Inflammatory comments towards members may bar your entrance into the community.

09. After your application has been released from the sorting queue, you have 24 hours to make any corrections to grammatical, formatting or spelling errors. You CAN NOT make edits to the content of your application or add any text to your application. If you do, you will be Squibbed. Please say everything you wish to say in your application before you submit it to the sorting queue.

10. Once your sorting is complete, the Headmaster will present you with your house results and invite you to join the main community. Only students who have been officially sorted will be allowed to join hogwarts_elite. You may then request to join your house common room and will be allowed entry from the mod.

Sorting Guidelines:
01. Do not disrespect other members. Debating is encouraged, fighting is not.

02. Place your house in the subject line of your vote. If you notice that you have forgotten your subject line, please delete or edit your vote.

03. Please bold all sorting votes. When voting, use the proper name for the house you are voting. Do not use a house nickname or animal alter-ego instead. If you notice you have forgotten to bold your vote, please edit your comment or repost the corrected version in a new comment. Do NOT post your corrected vote as a reply to your incorrect vote. Also, do not vote as a comment to another member's vote.

04. Any signature tags and sorting banners used in sorting_elite can be no larger than 500 pixels total (i.e. 300x200, 150x350). Only one signature tag per vote.

05. While we respect that voting is a personal decision and you are free to vote an applicant into whichever house you feel best, there are a few guidelines you need to keep in mind when casting your vote.
A. Your vote and decision whether or not to squib someone should be based on what house you believe they belong in and whether or not they would make a good addition to this community. A sorting decision should not be made because you dislike an applicant's icon or disagree with their choice of least favorite character.
B. The personal opinions of the applicant should be respected as personal opinions and should not be challenged.
C. Votes should not be malicious in intent.
D. Remember that we are an elite community and the behavior of our members should be befitting of that title. If you choose to write a detailed reason for your vote, write out your rationale in an intelligent and reasonable manner. This does not mean you need to sugarcoat your vote; honest explanations are encouraged.
E. If you are wavering between a house vote and a squib, do not foist an applicant on a house out of sympathy.
F. Do not try to influence the votes of your fellow members. Other votes and voters must be treated with respect.

06. Debates about topics not related to Harry Potter (i.e. religion and politics) do not belong in a member's application.

07. Personal insults and attacks will not be tolerated, whether they are directed at another member or at an applicant.

08. If you are rebuked by a sorting official, you are not to argue, and you are to repost at once if asked to do so. If you think they've been harsh or unreasonable you are completely within your rights to approach the Caretaker or Headmaster, and they will look into the matter.

Sorting Application:
Assume that most of these questions are followed by one simple word: Why? Remember to make your answers detailed and please do not attempt to force yourself into one house. We can easily tell when you are faking it. If you blatantly attempt to sway your answers, we will not hesitate to Squib you! Please consult our Guide to Sorting for further assistance on how to fill out your application and some common mistakes you should avoid. NOTE: We are starting with a clean slate at Sorting Elite, which means you may reapply even if you were Squibbed during the original run of the community.
New Member Application:

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